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Sleeping Baby

Infant and Toddler
4 months - 3 years

I'm here to support you on your journey to improve your baby or toddler's sleep. 

Let's work together to get things back on track and get to the bottom of why your baby isn't sleeping.

Mother and Baby

Together I can help you to tackle:

Early Wakes

Frequent night wakes

Difficulty settling and resettling

Implementing an age appropriate routine

Dropping naps

Moving to independent sleep - using responsive settling techniques

Family portrait

A full support consultation in the comfort of your own home

Happy Baby

For guidance with bigger sleep issues + 2 weeks support

Sleeping Baby

A quick chat to answer all your sleep questions

Whats included in a consultation?

You will be required to complete a comprehensive questionnaire, including full background of your child – medical, feeding and current sleep concerns to gain a clear insight into your child’s sleep

Advice regarding nutrition and when to introduce solids

Review of day and night sleep and contingency plans to support improving both

Advice on a positive sleep environment and safe sleep guidelines

Guidance on settling techniques for your baby/toddler

You will be provided with a detailed individualised plan for your child based on their temperament and your parenting style, to reach your goals

Advice on age appropriate awake times and routines

Review of sleep logs and guidance during your follow up period

What people say...

Jessie was professional, kind, empathetic and provided so much reassurance and continued guidance in the 2 week session for my 14mo's terrible sleep. The plan was tailored to baby's temperament and the speed at which I felt comfortable moving. The improvement was drastic, we were getting through the night with 12 hours without a feed and naps extended to 1.5 hours. I would recommend her service wholeheartedly.


Additional Support

​Have you recently been working with us, but feel like you may need some extra support and guidance? If YES then this package is for you.

Additional support provides you with;

  • 1 x extra week of follow up support

  • 1 x phone call (30 minutes)

  • Unlimited message/email follow up – answered Monday-Friday  

We will revisit any concerns you may be having, and answer any questions you may have to get things back on track. Your child is developing at a rapid rate and things are ever changing, we're here to evaluate and support you to tweak a few things and get you well rested again.

Cost: $105/week

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