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Newborn's Care

0-3 months

Newborn Support Package

A 60-minute phone call and additional follow up to provide you with education on safe sleeping and creating foundations for healthy sleep habits for your new-born.

This service can be accessed prenatally for education, or until your little one is 3 months old.

Whats included?

1 x 60 minute phone call

A personalised sleep plan for your baby

Comprehensive newborn sleep guide

1 x week follow up support via message/email/phone (weekdays)

1 x email follow up to be used within 6 months of consult


Sleepy Baby

What can we help you with?

Education on safe sleep guidelines and how to create a safe sleep environment for your baby

Tips on the ideal nursery/house set up

How to build healthy sleep habits

Advice on establishing feeding/winding 

General advice on colic/reflux and the fourth trimester

Guidance on gentle new-born settling techniques

Advice on bathing and nappy changes

Realistic expectations of sleep and age appropriate awake times

Information on the science behind sleep

You will also be provided with a 0-4-month sleep guide, with an abundance of information to educate you on what to expect in the newborn months, for later reference

What people say...

I couldn’t recommend Jessie enough if you’re looking for support with your bubs sleep. She was so incredibly thorough with her initial assessment and put together some great strategies and routines that were flexible to me and that I was comfortable with.

I cannot get over how available and easily contactable she was throughout our whole week together. She messaged me regularly to check how I got on with daytime naps and regularly left comments on my sleep log. I felt so supported through the whole thing.

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