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   I'm Jessie


I am a certified sleep consultant for 0-3 year olds, and a Registered Paediatric Nurse from the UK currently living in Sydney, Australia. I am obsessed with baby sleep and am currently completing my fourth sleep course. I am SO passionate about providing education and support to help you establish healthy sleep and reach your sleep goals.


I studied nursing at Kings College Hospital in London, and have experience in multiple hospitals and community settings in the UK and Australia, in paediatric and neonatal settings.

Alongside nursing, I have worked as a nanny caring for newborn to 6 year olds. During my time as a nanny I became increasingly interested in child development and the science behind sleep, leading me to study to become a Sleep Consultant with The Baby Sleep Consultant Ltd.


  • BSc in Paediatric Nursing - Kings College London, UK

  • Certified Sleep Consultant - Baby Sleep Consultant Ltd

  • Lyndsey Hookway - Mini Holistic Sleep Coaching Course

  • Creating Positive Fundamentals During the first 12 weeks - Association of Sleep Consultants


Certified Sleep Consultant - transparent background.png

Why choose to work with me?

I am passionate about working with children and families, and providing education and support to help you have a well rested and calm household.

I believe in family centered care, and the importance of approaching sleep from a holistic perspective.

My goal is to create a community of parents supporting one another, whilst respecting each others individual parenting style.

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