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Here to help you with
your little ones sleep. 

With online guides and one to one programs

for Newborn - 3 year olds


Meet Jessie

I'm Jessie, I am a Registered Paediatric Nurse and Certified Sleep Consultant, with over 10 years experience of working with children and families.


I am passionate about helping families to improve their child's sleep, resulting in a well rested household. I believe in providing holistic care, and using gentle and evidence based approaches. The Safe Sleep Company will provide you with a personalised program,  contingency plans and ongoing support to keep you on track, and help navigate future developmental and sleep changes!


"Kimberleigh is so much calmer now, and wakes up happy. She actually wakes up in the morning talking to herself and with a big smile. She also sleeps a lot better during the day."

- Ashleigh


Age specific E-books filled with information on development, sleep and feeding to help you self navigate sleep issues.

Happy Baby

PDF documents with age appropriate routines, including average awake windows, feeding times and recommended nap lengths.

Ready to get back on track?

Follow these 3 simple steps

A Toddler and a Baby

Step 1

Check out our packages to find the one most suitable to you

Mother and Child

Step 2

Choose a date and time that suits you for your consult

Baby Siblings

Step 3

We will email you a background questionnaire to complete

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